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About Edition Noggy

So what is EditionNoggy all about? Firstly, it’s a very unique Club by it’s nature, as you have to own a Nogaro Blue, aka Noggy car (not necessarily Audi though!) to be involved.

This means the Club has become very tight knit, you get to know most of the members really well and we can keep things simple and unique as there aren’t thousands of us like the normal car clubs can be. 

It’s the colour itself is what brings us all together, it’s been a jewel in the Audi line up for many years with some classic models adorned with its beauty and style which turns heads wherever it is seen.

There is something to behold and be proud of, when you are driving down the road as part of a convoy of 10+ Noggy’s and seeing the confused faces of all the passer’s by, struggling to comprehend what they have just witnessed! EditionNoggy is a one off car Club, welcoming anyone to come and join the fun and show off their Noggy!

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What we do

We are proud at EditionNoggy to have a fantastic ethos within our membership. The focus is on building friendships and creating a sense of belonging.

We aim to create a vast variety of events, both car and social throughout the year so everyone can get involved, in fact it’s a must! From breakfast meets to scenic drives, photo shoots to special drone footage, club stands to track days we aim to have something for everyone.

Beyond the Club meets we have very active social media sites and have group chats which get very lively.
The founding members of the Club are always seeking to provide a sense of uniqueness not only by virtue of the colour of their cars, but by the Noggy car projects they embark on. Without giving too much away, if you are game, you can become involved in some very special projects which will be the talking point at any show we rock up at!

So welcome to EditionNoggy…

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Featured members